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Ali Amirlatifi

Founder and CEO

Company: Evergreen Farm

Ali Amirlatifi is a distinguished leader and visionary in the realm of sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. As the Founder and CEO of Evergreen Farm, headquartered in Finland, Ali has devoted his career to crafting pioneering solutions that address some of the world’s most pressing challenges related to the environment and food security.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, Ali’s journey has been characterized by innovation and an unyielding dedication to driving positive change. Under his dynamic leadership, Evergreen Farm has introduced groundbreaking systems, notably the revolutionary Grow360™ and Grow365™ platforms. These systems have the transformative potential to reshape global food and tree cultivation by enabling the rapid growth of a wide range of crops, from microgreens to corn. Additionally, they facilitate the nurturing of thousands of healthy tree seedlings within a matter of weeks, all while employing innovative soil mixtures that harness the power of biochar and sustainable energy production.

Ali’s commitment transcends his entrepreneurial pursuits. He serves as a fervent advocate for reforestation initiatives and actively seeks partnerships and collaborations to expand sustainable tree planting efforts on a global scale. His visionary approach to addressing climate change and environmental conservation has garnered admiration from peers and like-minded environmental enthusiasts worldwide.

As a thought leader and influential figure within the sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation sectors, Ali continues to inspire and educate others through his engaging presentations and insightful contributions. His vision of a greener, more sustainable world serves as a guiding beacon for all who share his passion.

Ali remains resolute in his mission to combat climate change and safeguard our planet’s invaluable resources. With an indomitable spirit of innovation, unwavering determination, and a profound sense of responsibility, he is actively shaping a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

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