ABOUT the 7th AVF Summit

Pillar A – Science + Industry:

Vertical Farming is often associated with farming of the future. Research is frequently done behind closed doors under NDAs. Lack of transparency and sharing of best practices in the industry begs the question how far is the purported science of vertical farming from reality? What cutting edge science and technology is being developed for CEA/VF? How can we connect research and industry to understand the gaps?


Pillar B – Technology + Sustainability:

The Vertical Farming industry is known for being heavily technology focused. Maximum technology application is not the end goal, but a tool that should be leveraged. Technology should aid businesses to advance yield, quality of crops, cost reduction, and most of all support sustainability in VF.

We will discuss state-of-the-art technology that exists for automation, reducing energy inputs, and consumption. We will also delve into whether the lighting industry is serving the sector and whether we need to push for standardization around lighting usage and company claims.


Pillar C – Food + Cities:

Cities have a decisive influence in food system transformation. In the future, most of our population will live in cities and need to be fed sustainably. Enabling a successful urban food system Indoor/Vertical Farming (VF) is necessary because space, arable land, and resources are scarce.

VF can cater to the needs of city food systems by delivering nutritious healthy food, independent of weather and soil, directly to the doorstep of the consumers. In addition, Vertical Farming is delivering the concept of circular cities. We want to understand what cities need from us and will explain what we can deliver – building a network of cities as a blueprint for others to follow.


Our Vision:

The AVF acknowledges that vertical farming in its current state can provide access to fresh, safe, and sufficient food, independent of climate and location. In the decades to come, where overpopulation and severe planetary changes challenge our current way of life, vertical farming will become a necessary solution in global food production.

Vertical Farming Summit Logo
Vertical Farming Summit Logo

Our Mission:

The Association for Vertical Farming is the leading, global non-profit organisation for raising awareness and connecting all stakeholders to advance the implementation of vertical farming

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