The AVF Summits have always been the place to meet and exchange on the important and newest developments in the Vertical Farming field. Our speakers share their unique experience and knowledge with you!

Alessandro Olivieri, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Alessandro Oliveri

Co-Founder at igrox srl

Thomas Williams, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Thomas Williams

Principal at Baaz Global Marketing Services

Peter Wogenstein

Speaker Nutrition Council Lower Saxony
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Gerald Glenn Panganiban, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Gerald Glenn F. Panganiban, Ph.D.

Director, Bureau of Plant Industry and National Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture Program, Department of Agriculture
Ralph Becker, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Ralph Becker

CEO & Founder at Urban Greens

Endre Thesen Harnes, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Endre Thesen Harnes

CCO, Avisomo

Ali Amirlatifi, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Ali Amirlatifi

Founder and CEO of Evergreen Farm
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Annette Schömmel, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Annette Schömmel


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Horst Fickel, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Ing. Horst Robert Fickel MSc.

CTO, IBE Solution
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Luis Trujillo

Luis Trujillo

President Hoogendoorn US
Alberto Campanaro, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Alberto Campanaro

Roland Sier, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Roland Sier

Nutrient Service
Karen Fabbri, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Karen Fabbri

Deputy Head of Unit Bioeconomy & Food Systems at European Commission
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Dr. Joel Cuello, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Joel Cuello

Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at The University of Arizona
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Erinch Sahan, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Erinch Sahan

Business & Enterprise Lead
Doughnut Economics Action Lab
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Jasper Van Besten​, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Jasper den Besten

Professor Emeritus & Independent Consultant

Silvana Nicola

Silvana Nicola

Professor of Horticulture at the University of Turin

Heidi Heuberger

Heidi Heuberger

head working group, Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture
Christine Zimmermann-Loessl

Christine Zimmermann-Loessl

Chairwoman of AVF

Lucas van der Zee

Lucas van der Zee

Researcher & Designer of Cultured Fruit


Francis Njukoma

Director of CDVTA

Balance Phala, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Balance Phala

Aquaculture specialist, Food Systems Officer at ICLEI

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Robin Vincent, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Robin Vincent

CEO Canobi, Canada + Director for Innovation AVF North America
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Jia Ni, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Jia Ni

Food System Consultant at FAO

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Dr. Jonas Treutwein, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Dr. Jonas Treutwein

Management - Extraction & Formulation, Trifolio-M GmbH
Vandana Dhaul, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Vandana Dhaul

Chief Operating Officer, ID Capital PteID

Prof. Jochen Strube, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Prof. Jochen Strube

Clausthal University of Technology

Rob van Straten, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Rob van Straten

CEO Skytree

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Kerry Babb, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Kerry Babb

CEO Paradise Group for Sustainable Development

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Chiara Tenconi, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Chiara Tenconi

Head of Agronomy, Planet Farms
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Dr. Urs Fischer, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Dr. Urs Fischer

CEO Pharmaplant
Marc Juarez, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Marc Juarez

Seoul Semiconductor

Galen Zhao, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Galen Zhou

Nicole Armbrüst, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Nicole Armbrüster

Business Unit Manager Biological / Herbal Medicinal Products, BPI Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Eva Keretic, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Eva Keretic

Singer- Songwriter, Speaker, Climate Activist and Advocate for Food System Reform and Future Food Tech Innovations
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Ivonne Jüttner, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Ivonne Jüttner