Chiara Tenconi, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Chiara Tenconi

Head of Agronomy

Company: Planet Farms

📢 We’re delighted to have Chiara Tenconi, part of the Planet Farms team, as our esteemed speaker for the 7th annual AVF Summit: Elevating New Food Systems!🌱


Chiara Tenconi, currently leading the Agronomy Team and the R&D Research Centre at Planet Farms, will be presenting in the Science & Research pillar on the first day.


#Join us as Chiara shares her expertise in the field of vertical farming with a captivating presentation titled “Soil Biology in Vertical Farming.”


She will delve into the use of different types of substrate, the significance of beneficial bacteria and fungi in disease prevention, and strategies to optimize crop yield.


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Chiara Tenconi‘s extensive experience and insights in advancing food systems at Planet Farms during the AVF Summit.