Jia Ni, AVF Summit, VertiFarm

Jia Ni

Food Systems Consultant

Organization: FAO

FAO Food Systems Consultant, Mr. Jia Ni, will be our distinguished speaker and lead for Pillar C: Food & Cities at the 7th #AVFSummit, “Elevating New Food Systems,” in collaboration with the VertiFarm exhibition. Join us in Dortmund, Germany from September 26-28, 2023, for this prestigious international event.

Jia Ni is working as a Food Systems Consultant in FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) in Rome, Italy. He is responsible for urban and peri-urban agriculture and sustainable urban food systems, through the Green Cities Initiative, City Region Food Systems, South-south and Triangular Cooperation, and other urban relevant projects/programmes. Prior to FAO, Jia Ni worked as a programme and partnership officer in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), focusing on strengthening urban-rural linkages, establishing sustainable urban food systems in various regions in China, and working on projects related to technology transfer, agricultural innovation, and other research topics. With expertise in social science, agronomy, and agriculture economy, Jia Ni has been involved in partnership development, resource mobilization, capacity building, knowledge management, policy analysis, and project implementation, since 2010.