Peter Wogenstein



Netzwerk Ernährungsräte Niedersachsen e.V.


Peter Wogenstein studied English, Linguistics, Social Sciences, History and
Language Psychology at the Universities of Giessen, Edinburgh and Cologne and was trained as
Trainer for Group Dynamics and Organizational Consultant at the European Institute of
Transnational Studies (EIT), Copenhagen. In close cooperation with the
Consultant Group Neuwaldegg, Vienna, he collaborated on the systemic consulting approach
of the “Vienna School”. As a systemic consultant, he can draw on an extensive network
and is a close cooperation partner of, among others, Heitger Consulting, Vienna,
and the DOSB Leadership Academy.

After his studies he worked as an editor for the social sciences and
non-fiction section of Athenäum / Hain / Scriptor / Hanstein Verlag, Königstein, then
as a journalist and editor at the SPD headquarters in Bonn, then became head of the school
“Hauptschulabschluss für junge Erwachsene mit Orientierung in den Logistikberufen”
in the TÜV Akademie Rheinland, built up the “Seminars / Congresses” division at the TÜV
Akademie Rheinland, and until 2016 headed the “Systemic Consulting –
Corporate Development, Strategy, Leadership, Change” division of TÜV Rheinland Consulting
GmbH. He works on strategy, leadership and change management in the retail
and service sectors, in banks and insurance companies, and in the manufacturing
and processing industries. His work has focused on
conceptualization, design and support of corporate change and
company development processes, conflict management and conflict consulting
combined with coaching, facilitation and team development at home and abroad. He has
in recent years successfully advised, co-designed and accompanied a variety of projects (duration between 1 – 4 years) in
these areas.

Today he is a systemic consultant, facilitator, supervisor, trainer and coach

For many years, Peter Wogenstein has been a board member of the World Food Institute – Institut für
Welternährung e.V. (IWE), a group of journalists, scientists and
practitioners with the goal of working together for a change in nutrition. The
Institute works, among other things, on the question of what kind of nutrition and agriculture can bring the
world through the 21st century healthily and safely. In this context,
industrial agriculture, which contributes massively to climate change, and a
food industry that uses highly processed products – with consequences for
health – to expand its position in the food system are in critical focus.
The Institute’s publications include the polemic “Agriculture at the Crossroads – Only
Ecological Agriculture Can Feed 10 Billion People” (2019) and
“Ernährungswende. What renews agriculture and nutrition” (2022) and is in dialogue with ministries and associations at state, federal and EU level. Within the framework of an UBA project, the IWE has supported nationwide
initiatives to establish food councils in their cities – from Kiel to
Peter Wogenstein is a member of the Food Council of Hanover and Region e.V. and has
founded the Food Council
Lower Saxony with initiatives from Lüneburg, Oldenburg and Göttingen, of which he is the spokesman. A goal is among other things the existing
Ernährungsräte and nourishing advice establishment initiatives in Lower Saxony to
network and all initiatives a voice on federal state level to give. The
Nutrition Council of Lower Saxony also offers all active individuals, groups
and initiatives in Lower Saxony to support them in their work and structure,
to actively advocate for a sustainable food system in their respective region
. He was elected in 2022 to the board of the regional movement Lower Saxony